Online Reading Service

Service Introduction

Due to the fact that most devices do not support Japanese reading, or there are problems with spelling errors, tone errors, or mechanical declarations, in order to provide users with a better reading experience, MOJi provides high-quality AI synthesis voices, and will continue to provide more high-quality voice actors in the future.

Q1: How is the online reading quota consumed?

  • After enabling online reading, when using the translation function to read Japanese, it will consume quotas (word and sentence pronunciation will not consume quotas)
  • Quota consumption = the number of characters in the text to be read (a Japanese character is approximately 1-3 characters)

Q2: How is the quota specifically calculated?

  • The consumption of the quota is related to the number of words in the text. The more words, the more quota is consumed.
  • Repeatedly reading the same text will not consume the quota repeatedly. Each text read will generate a record in the background. If the pronunciation of the text has been generated in the background, the quota will not be consumed for this reading.

Q3: How is the free quota calculated?

Free users, basic members, and premium members: Enjoy a one-time free quota gift of 2000, which will be issued when the function is first used. Free gift quotas do not expire.

Q4: Why can’t I use the function? The function can not be used in the following situations:

  • The remaining quota in the account is not enough to read the current text.
  • The remaining quota in the account is not enough to pay for the recent quota consumption, and the account is in an arrears state.
  • Because the translation function is an exclusive right of members, free users have quotas but can not use them.

Q5: I have already paid for membership, why do I still need to pay for online reading?

In order to ensure the stability and improvement of the service, we need to continuously invest resources and technology, which also means that costs continue to increase. In order to provide you with long-term service, we need to charge a certain fee. Our pricing is based on market prices and service costs, and we hope that you understand.